Happy to be So

Documentary, English, 46 min.

2009, new version 2012

An affectionate and often funny portrait celebrating 50 years of a wonderful yin and yang partnership in classic ballet and married life.

Clive Barnes, Dance and theater critic, The New York Post


Happy to be So is a documentary about Oleg Briansky and Mireille Briane, former principal dancers, renowned ballet teachers, and a dynamic duet for more than 50 years. Film depicts the Brianskys as performers and narrators of their own life story, highlighted by exciting footage from the ‘50s and ‘60s. Piano music from ballet class weaves throughout the film as the score of their lives. The documentary honors these two people whose personalities have complemented each other throughout a lifetime of working together, combining vibrant creativity, curiosity and humor.

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Bakhrushin Museum,

Moscow, Russia, June, 2012

Fest VideoDanzaBA,

Buenos Aires, November, 2011

64th Cannes Film Festival,

France, May, 2011

Legacy Film Festival,

San Francisco on May 15th, 2011


Amsterdam, NL, December 10, 2010

National Arts Club,

New York, June, 2010

NewFilmmakers NY,

New York, March, 2009

World Premiere, Dance on Camera Film Festival,

Lincoln Center, New York, January, 2008

Production Team


Yelena Demikovsky


Yelena Demikovsky 

Hassan Kamel



Yelena Demikovsky 

Fatima Benbrahim



Brian Singh